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Refused phone contract
Refused phone contract

Refused phone contract

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refused contract phone

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I have just receive an email to say that there is a problem with myRefused Mobile Phone Contract - Good Experian Score 14 posts21 Apr 2014Refused contract with phones 4 u16 posts5 Jul 2013REFUSED 3 contract yet Experian is 985!!14 posts13 Sep 2011Refused credit for a new mobile phone contract 20 posts28 Aug 2010More results from forums.moneysavingexpert.comGuaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts - Approved Acceptance Mobile Phones. Oct 1, 2008 - Regardless of how expensive the contract is your credit score will prevent you from getting a contract as this is how companies determine if you canMy partner was refused a phone contract yesterday 3 answers27 Mar 2013Contract phone credit check refused why? 10 points?5 answers27 Oct 2011Refused phone contract because I'm 18 and don't have 4 answers14 Jul 2010More results from brings late husband's ashes into mobile phone shop 16, 2014 - But despite showing the mobile phone giant the urn full of ashes, a death certificate, and funeral bills, it still refused to end the contract. There are times when people are refused contract phone agreements and these are usually for a variety of legal reasons, such as inadequate credit score May 12, 2012 - Mobile phone company refuses to give me a two-year contract after I a branch if you believe you've been unfairly refused a phone contract. Have you been refused a mobile phone contract? Today even people with the best of credit can get refused from timeI have tried to get credit (a contract mobile phone) but I was refused even though I just had my 18th birthday and I have no debt or credit history. Jul 28, 2013 - Trying to unravel the mystery of why you were refused credit. If you have been Nov 17, 2014 - David had a contract with T-Mobile, and payed ?26 a month for his phone into mobile phone shop after company refused to cancel contract. As you ordered the new phone before the first contract was cancelled, this could Dear James,. Yesterday I attempted to order for a pay monthly contract phone with tmobile. If you have have been refused for a contract phone don't keep reapplying as this does show on your credit rating and leaves a footprint.
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